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The Flange Class

Posted by Admin on April, 23, 2015

Flange is an external device that looks like a pipe attached with a wheel, rim or ring. It is present in most devices such as lens mount of a camera or on a train wheel, where a cylindrical, pipe like structure, is connected to one side of the wheel to keep it from running off the rail. These Flanges are available in various metals, and can be purchased from various Nickel Alloy and Steel Flange Suppliers and Exporters.

There are many diverse types of flanges used according to requirements and compatibility with the application. Some of the common types of flanges and their uses are noted below-

  • Blind Flange: Blind Flange is used to blind off a flange or valve that provides easy further extension to the pipe. This extension along with its bolts is stressed more than other flanges in comparison.
  • Lap Joint Flange: Lap Joint Flange are similar to Slip-On Flange that are used with a joint stub end fitting. The radius and flat face of this equipment, allow in securing the Flange against the stub end fitting used to align difficult bolt holes. This type is used in applications involving low pressure and light loads.
  • Slip-on Flange: This equipment is designed as such that it can easily slip over the outside pipe, elbows, swage, reducer and long tangent elbows. Slip-on Flanges are poor resistor of shocks and are suitable in application indulging low pressure.
  • Socket Flange: The only difference a socket Flange has in comparison to a Slip-On Flange is that this equipment comes with a bore and counter bore. The diameter of the bore and the inside of the pipe are same and this flange is used in high-pressure pipes.
  • Weld Neck Flange: This type comes with a hub designed to reduce the pressure at the base of the flange. Weld Neck Flanges are often used along with Butt Weld Flanges, long necked flanges or vessel nozzles in pipes and pipe fittings.
  • Ring Joint Facing Flange: This type of flange is used for a leak proof connection that can tolerate extremely high pressure. Designed with a hexagonal groove sealing surface and a ring compressed in a groove is fitted inside.
  • Threaded Flange: This type is quite similar to a Slip-On Flange with a slight difference as a Threaded Flange includes internal threads used in high pressure and high temperatures.

Flanges are the most useful equipment that come in handy for plumbing fittings and pipefittings. Used to ensure a steady and even flow of water and showers, this instrument also regulates high pressure and high temperatures of the flowing liquids.

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